Monday, November 28, 2005

Superman Returns

Am a little late with this one, so apologies. Finally got round to seeing the Superman Returns teaser trailer.

I have to admit, that about a year ago I was predicting that this movie would probably spell doom for the recent spate of comic book movie adaptations. It's taken over 10 long years since this movie was first announced and the only stories from the studio in those 10 years have been predominately negative. Yet, now I can't help but feel a warm buzz about it. The trailer may only be a teaser, but the classic music, combined with Supermans Daddys narrative does it for me.

So what has made a real difference in the last year? I'm guessing it's Bryan Singer. The moment he was poached from the X-men, things have seemed far rosier for the man with a penchant for red undies.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The knives are out for Bush

It's taken far longer than I'd hoped, but people are now turning on Bush and his illegitimate war in their droves. Latest on the list is former President Bill Clinton, whose words still carry considerable weight around the World.

With 2,080 US soldiers dead and about two thirds of the US population opposed to the war in Iraq, it is hard to see how Bush can press forward with any legacy reforms. Iraq is his legacy.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A victory for common sense

Finally! After 8 long years Tony Blairs government has been defeated in a parliamentary vote. It's ironic that Blair seemed to be pushing the 90 day element of the anti-terror laws through so quickly because he was worried his 'legacy' reforms might struggle.

In the end he has made a serious error of judgement. He will and can take the moral high ground, but anyone with any sense of realism will understand that there has never been a need to hold suspects for 90 days. In all of the major (by this I mean hyped by the media/govt/police) cases like the Ricin plot (in which there wasn't ever any ricin) and the Old Trafford bombing plot (in which there was never a plot to blow up Old Trafford) suspects have been released well within the current 14 day maximum period. Yet these are the same cases being used by the government and senior police officers to justify a need for 90 days detention.

Whether this defeat proves to be the first of many remains to be seen. One thing is for certain. Blair is a fighter and will not go easily. Like Thatcher, the only thing that will remove him before his planned retirement is a senior member of his cabinet challenging his authority. Step up to the plate Gordon Brown. Your time is well overdue!