Friday, January 27, 2006

Feed me up, baby!

Following on from George's example (read, lazily copying her!), I thought it was about time I put a feed on my blog.

You can get to my feed here, or via the permanent link in the sidebar.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Homophobic media and the lowest common denominator

Good guardian blog that questions whether the British media is yet willing to accept a gay man as leader of a major political party. With comments like "another one bites the pillow", it would appear that the Sun is not even slightly ready to move away from it's homophobic stance, that sadly seems to sell newspapers. That and the extremely large breasts on page three!

Meanwhile, there's a superb piece on the BBC site about a spoof reality TV show that involved contestants racing to see who could conceive a baby first. It's a hilarious read, but it's also more than mildly disturbing just how far some people will go for 5 minutes of fame. Which of course brings us back to the tabloids and there incessant peddling of characters within reality TV shows... I mean, do the daily antics of random members of the public really matter that much?

Oh well... I'm off home to try to find some scripted television. Wish me luck!

The forgotten war

OK... so Afghanistan isn't actually the forgotten war anymore. Not since the UK is deploying another 4000 troops into the country in an effort to breed stability.

With Hamas looking like scoring a victory in the Palestinian elections, the US struggling to maintain any form of control in Iraq and now Afghanistan falling apart it doesn't take an geo-political expert to realise that the Wests desire to bring democracy to the Middle East is failing. You cannot force democracy upon nations. Only through education and unbiased action will the World change for the better.

And don't even mention, the farce that is the Lib Dem leadership election. At this rate I'll have no-one left to vote for come the next election.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

How Clinton (& Bush) gave Iran the Bomb!

Intriguing article taken from a new book by New York Times reporter James Risen.

The good old CIA... the greatest source of stupidity on the planet. That these ppl may actually have considered trying the operation in North Korea after their failure in Iran seems beyond me!

Happy New Year btw!