Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Long time, no blog.

It's been a busy few weeks so there has been a distinct lack of news from me.

However with the arrival of Kill Bill 2, my laziness is sure to be a thing of the past!

Quick summary of the world at large:

1) Dozens have been killed in the peaceful city of Basra. "It's outside terrorists" whines Emperor Bremer. This from the same man who said all the trouble in the last year has been caused by Saddams henchmen. There must be an election coming up... the war on terror is important again.

2) Tony Blair has announced there is to be a referendum on an EU constitution. This from the same man who said he had no reverse gear and there would be no referendum. The ladies sure not for turning... or so we thought.

3) British anti-terror forces have arrested more suspected terrorists. Apparently they had tickets to a Man Utd game and some bombs. With powers of deduction like that, we are sure to all be safe forever.

4) The asylum seeker debate still rages. Apparently, people are afraid to go outside. They're not racist, they just don't like strangers.

5) George Bush has solved the problems in the Middle East. He found that getting Israel to agree with itself was for easier than getting them to talk to the "evil" Palestinians. Tony went to stay at the White House. He nodded a lot.

So as you can see... all is normal with the World!

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