Friday, July 09, 2004

My return to Blighty.

After a long break in the sun it's time to get back to reality. So it's summary time...

The Greeks won Euro 2004 - and deservedly so - in the biggest shock in international football history. They played old style italian tactics of defend in numbers and counter quickly. Unfortunately England and Italy, both tried the same and failed miserably, while the overpaid, overhyped players of Real Madrid et al managed to fall over lots and make many excuses.

Tony Blair admitted that the WMDs in Iraq may never be found and might have been destroyed. This after saying that the idea Saddam had destroyed them was absurd. Still no apology though from the most arrogant man in Britain. Fingers are still crossed for a resignation at the party conference.

Saddam Hussein stood before a preliminary hearing in the new and improved 'free and liberated' Iraq. Despite the nation now being free... he still hasn't had access to a lawyer or been given the basic rights of a prisoner. The sitting judge was a man who himself worked for Saddams regime and has switched sides, while news coverage was censored so we couldn't hear everything that was said. GOD BLESS DEMOCRACY!

A referee in Euro 2004 went into hiding after two newspapers chose to print his phone number, email address and plant an England flag on his house. All this, because he made the CORRECT DECISION in a football match when he failed to award a goal to Engerland. The man has received death threats and had his personal life invaded. Unfortunately, the xenophobic press has not been properly reprimanded for this and the editors of the newspapers have not been forced to resign. I wonder what would happen if they did the same thing to a politician, or printed some fake photos of Iraqi abuse.

Tim Henman failed at Wimbledon again. Yawn. It rained lots in Britain.

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