Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Battlestar Galactica: Flesh and Bone

After the horrors of Baltars melodramatic in last weeks ep, Galactica seriously needed to get it's feet back on the ground. It achieved it with the relatively thought provoking 'Flesh & Bone', in which Starbuck is charged with questioning a cylon agent (Loeben) found on bard a civilian ship.

The episodes central theme is nothing new. Good guy (or girl) tortures the bad guy to give up information, but in doing so loses perspective. It's a common theme in science fiction television; the episode in which a character gains a deeper understanding of their own humanity.

Despite the lack of originality, this is a solid episode, with some witty banter between prisoner and interrogator. The insidious thoughts of the Loeben cylon leave us with the impression that it is Starbuck who is the captive; trapped in a futile existence. The messages that Loeben plants in the minds of those he encounters are quite devastating and am sure will resurface in the future.

Of course, the reasons why a pilot would be trusted with the job of interrogating a prisoner are glossed over, but that can be forgiven this time ;-)

Overall, I am impressed with the direction of the show so far. The central storyline seems to have shifted from the idea of a last band of humans being pursued and into a deeper exploration of humanity and what makes the new cylons and humans different.

Summary - A good episode, lacking in explanation about some of the more bizarre scenes but with accomplished performances from the central characters.


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