Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Enterprise cancelled

For three years I, like most other Star Trek fans, have begged for this moment. Star Trek: Enterprise has been cancelled

Now I can only hope that TPTB will give the franchise the break it desperately needs. That means a decade off. Let it sleep. Let the fans remember what was good about the shows, rather than the embarrassment of its ailing final years.

Then, and only then, can it be brought back, by a skilled team of producers and writers who actually feel passionate about their creation and the franchise it will become a part of.

RIP Trek, Good-riddance Enterprise, you will never be considered canon in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, Enterprise was always a mistake - pure money grabbing whilst being under researched and having even pooper writing than Voyager. Ta Ta Enterprise!

Tron said...

Your nuts.... While Enterprise sucked at first and the entire Zinnndeee story line as crap it was still Trek. I will miss the show and wish it were not canceled.