Friday, April 29, 2005

A week to go

I love elections. Yes I'm that kind of sad bastard.

In the US2004 Presidential I got hooked on a polling site that broke down each State and predicted the eventual winner. With that in mind I set about searching for a UK one. Why? Cause opinion polls suck ass. What matters are the key marginals, just like in the US when places like Iowa and Florida became king-makers.

Haven't been able to find one that covers every constituency in detail, but UKelect offers a detailed look at a likely result based on voter trends. Their latest forecast has Labour winning with a reduced majority of 91. More interestingly, their featured constituency predicts a swing to the Lib Dems that would see Shadow Home Secretary - cue imperial march music - David Davis booted from the commons.

If anyone finds anything better, then let me know.

On a lighter note, a british version of JibJab has surfaced. GBJab pokes excellent fun at the politicians.

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