Tuesday, April 18, 2006

All hail the Thetans, Opus Dei & band-wagon jumping

Not that I'm one to jump onto a band-wagon, of course, but seeing as all the tabloids can't seem to get enough of Tom Cruise and his Scientologist buddies I figured I should say something. I mean hey, if Chef from South Park is a Scientologist, then there's got to be something to it!

Interesting article in the Independent about Ron Hubbards cult, sorry, I meant legitimate religion that offers spiritual guidance and doesn't at all fleece people out of their hard earned wages.

Celebrities are notorious for band-wagon jumping and love nothing more than to pronounce that they are now followers of whatever hip spiritual teachings are "in" this year (I believe the current one is Kabbalah), but with Scientology it really is something different. I mean Cruise has been a member for donkeys years, while Travolta was willing to star in and part-finance Battlefield Earth.

But hey... I shouldn't really criticise such people for giving all their money to the brain-child of a a talentless hack, like Ron Hubbard should I? I mean I saw the Star Wars prequels far too many times to ever possibly be sane!

Speaking of cults, sorry I meant legitimate religions, Opus Dei have recently issued an open letter asking Sony to put a clear disclaimer on the upcoming movie adaptation of 'The Da Vinci Code', stating that the story is complete work of fiction. When will these people learn, that the easiest way to avoid constant press coverage is to just ignore it completely? Sorry guys... why should you get preferential treatment? I mean Michael Bay didn't have to put a disclaimer on Pearl Harbor that read: "Please be aware that this movie is a complete work of fiction, obviously written by someone who has never even read a book on the subject. Oh and it's a steaming pile of turd too".

Come on guys... loosen that cilice and just chill. It's only a book ;-)

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