Monday, June 05, 2006

Haditha troops out of control

Maybe it's my complete lack of faith in the US occupation of Iraq or the fact that I recently watched Buffalo Soldiers, but the news that the troops involved in the Haditha massacre may have been hooked to cocktails of drugs and drink is not entirely surprising.

In the first Gulf War US combat pilots were fed amphetamines to keep them awake for the increasing number of night sorties. So this kind of thing isn't exactly new.

Regardless, this event is truly sickening and will, I would assume, only lead to even more de-stabilisation in the area. The sooner that Bush, Blair and co realise that they may have won the battle (ie taking Iraq), but they are fast losing the war (holding Iraq), the better. Alas, they are now so utterly convinced of their own righteousness on this issue that even in old age and senile dementia, the two men will convince themselves they 'did the right thing'.

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