Monday, August 14, 2006

Israel vs Hezbollah: A prelude to an attack on Iran??

Interesting article claiming that the US government was aware of Israeli plans to bombard Lebanon long before the capture of two Israeli soldiers, which sparked the current conflict.

The story has been broken by the veteran journalist Seymour Hersh, reknowned for exposing the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal as well as the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war.

It is claimed that an assault on Hezbollah was a pretext to a US pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. Such an attack would surely have brought retribution to the United States closest ally in the region, Israel. Thus by pounding Hezbollah Israel was ensuring that at least one of it's enemies was in no fit state to cause it too much trouble. This now seems unlikely given that Hezbollah has proven that, despite 4 weeks of sustained bombing, they are still capable of launching over 200 rockets a day into Israel.

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