Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blair does a Bush

Perhaps the funniest story from this weeks local and parliamentary elections was the fact that hundreds of thousands of votes may have been lost due to glitches and general confusion with the new systems of votes.

Of course the irony of this is that the problems occurred in the one part of the country where Tony Blair was fighting neck-a-neck to hold on to power. Now I'm not suggesting that Tony tried to take a leaf out of George Bush's Election 2000 book... well ok I am... but either way it didn't work. The largest party in Scotland is now the SNP, who will look to forge an alliance with one of the smaller parties in an effort to form a government. Thankfully, their hopes of forcing a referendum on Scottish independence are unlikely to come to fruition as their likely partner (the Lib Dems) have categorically ruled out voting in favour of such a move.

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