Friday, November 07, 2003

Leave Charles alone

So there are accusations flying around about bonnie Prince Charlie. Only no-one can publish them for fear of the Queen declaring open war on the newspapers.

Now let's just assume for a moment that Prince Charles had an affair with a Butler. The traditionalist bigots would cry... "Shame on him. This man cannot be King. How could he be?"

Well, I ask you... why can't he? Can this country not get passed it's homophobic attitudes?

If these allegations are true then it's quite possible it could be the end of Charles' hopes of being King... which is a shining example of how intolerant this nation is.

Of course the likelihood is that there's not a shred of truth and it's someone trying to cash in, but that's not the point.

Whether you are a Royalist or Republican, all should agree that no person deserves to be victimised over sexual preference.

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