Saturday, November 15, 2003

The rising cost of war

Another day, another couple of helicopters are taken down in Iraq killing more Coalition troops.

For Christs sake Bush (and Blair), look what you've done. With the costs spiralling, the losses increasing and Iraqis joining the resistance in droves the question has to be asked, is there a possibility of retreat?

This is a modern day Vietnam. It's not on the same scale yet, but everything that the anti-war groups said would happen has happened so far. Yet still the governments stand resolute. And of course they have to. What would happen to Bush of Blair if they pulled their troops out? They'd be politically dead. They would have to resign.

So they keep our troops there. And now we (in Britain) get a royal visit from the real threat to world peace. George W Bush arrives in the UK shortly. I'm sure we can look forward to more wonderful advice about how we have to forget about the war and face the challenges of rebuilding Iraq.

Screw that! We will never forget what you bastards have done. We will never forget how George Bush has pushed forward his campaign for a new world order at the expense of thousands of innocent lives. We will never forget how Tony Blair gave Bushs' war credibility by supporting it. We will never forget how Tony Blair ignored the people who put him in power as he followed Bush on his crusade.

We are the people. We will never forget.

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