Sunday, November 21, 2004

The dirty world of football

Not a week goes by without a story hitting the headlines of drug abuse, gang-rape, "spit-roasting" and granny prostitutes. All of them involving top footballers idolised my millions.

In this article in the Guardian, it's hard to feel sorry for anyone. The footballers may start out as naive and innocent, but it's a clear sign that peer pressure, money and fame corrupts in the most sickening way. Nor is it easy to feel sorry for these 'groupies'. Girls who may feel used, but have allowed themselves to be used, because of the status it gives them amongst friends.

It's a world dominated by overpaid fashion stars, agents that refuse to let footballers talk to their families, and clubs blinded by the desire for success, that will stop at nothing to get it.

Football is a sport I love. For how much longer... I just don't know.

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