Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The only winners are the lawyers...

Well despite the knowledge that the US election was set to be too close to call, and that a result may not come for several days I decided to stay up and watch the drama unfold on the wonders of satellite TV.

Despite the US networks all agreeing not to call any state for a particular candidate until they were sure the margin was big enough, it was unsurprising that the network that handed the last election to Bush (Fox) attempted to do so again.

With 15% of the votes still to be counted in Ohio and Bush leading by a mere 1%, Fox called the state for the incumbent. The result... almost all of the american networks followed suit. All but one. Throughout the early hours CNN refused to call any state that was too close to call and deserve credit for highlighting the possibility that Ohio may yet turn in favour of Kerry. When I left home Bush had a lead of 100,000 votes with about 300,000 still to be counted and a further 250,000 absentee and provisional ballots unaccounted for.

Democratic lawyers were standing by to be parachuted in meaning that the result of this election may yet drag on for some days. With Iowa also being delayed for about a day due to machine failures it looks like the Americans have again failed to perform the simplist of democratic tasks.

What hope for Iraqi elections, I hear you ask?!

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