Friday, May 13, 2005

Beware the hoodies

I'm as guilty as everyone else. Ever since I was assaulted in the street by two hooded youths, I have tended to give groups of lads wearing hoodies a wide berth. When you break it down it's a pretty irrational fear. I mean hoodies have been around for years, so why now are they suddenly the biggest issue in British politics?

Only a week since the election and apparently the issue that warrants the highest priority is not health, education, terrorism or the economy. It is, instead, the issue of whether youths should be banned from wearing hooded tops.

Anyway, here's a report in the Guardian that might just explain the cause of this bizarre fear most of the nation has.

It seems a tremendous act of prejudice to tar everyone with the same brush like this. I may be guilty of holding that same irrational fear from time to time, but I can still see the stupidity in the likes of John Prescott supporting this rubbish.

If you want to stop anti-social behaviour, try getting to the root of the problem, rather than making radical generalisations about clothing.

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