Tuesday, June 14, 2005


About a year ago I remember reading (as many people did) all the rumours on the internet about Michael Jackson. They said that he was a sick, twisted deviant who seduced families with his money and manipulated children into his bed. I remember people harping on about the wealth of evidence picked up at the Neverland Ranch which clearly proved Jacko was guilty.


3 months after the start of 'The Trial of the Century', Michael Jackson has been found not guilty on all counts. Regardless of peoples opinions of Jacko, something has never felt right about this entire media circus.

Firstly Tom Sneddon, the man who has relentlessly pursued Jackson for over 10 years, comes across more and more like a man with a vendetta, rather than a sound case. In the latter months he reminded less of a man who wanted to do good and more of a Ken Starr type figure, the man who relentlessly pursued Clinton for years with little cause and next to no evidence.

Secondly, the mountain of evidence that websites across the World claimed would destroy Jackson turned out to be nothing more than "eyewitness" accounts from former staff members, whose own testimonies were refuted by the alleged victims throughout the trial. Can it be that after 10 years, this is all Sneddon could come up with?

I dunno, clearly there is something abnormal about Michael Jackson and the way he conducts his life. Whether he is a threat to children I don't think we'll ever know, but on the basis of this trial, justice has been done. You cannot convict a man of anything based on hearsay.

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