Monday, June 27, 2005

Am I in an alternate universe?

What is going on? I checked the interweb this morning to see what the newpapers had to harp on about today and what did I find? Well amidst the rubbish about JFK Jr and Diana there was an entire front page devoted to the plight of 100 Zimbabwean asylum seekers who have been threatened with deportation, despite the considerable risk of their persecution at the hands of Robert Mugabes thugs.

Was this 'campaign' to let these poor people stay in Blighty on the front cover of the Independent? No. What about the Guardian? Afraid not.

No, the new crusader for Zimbabwes poor refugees is none other than the Daily Fascist itself.

Wonders never cease ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It makes a twisted sort of sense, though.

Mugabe is a Very Bad Man, so sending those folks back is Bad. He is also Black, so he is a legit target for those fine folks at the Mail.

OTOH, it makes perfect sense for the immigration types in the UK . . . to show they are finally Doing Something about the Immigration Problem, they have chosen to deport these people. Of course, there is a good case for them not being sent back, so the immigration authority can now claim that they're trying to appease the Right Wing, but can't.

Wot? Cynical? Me?