Thursday, July 07, 2005


London was rocked today by a series of co-ordinated bomb attacks by terrorists. Coming only a day after the jubilant scenes in Trafalgar Square (following the Olympic decision) the contrasts are stunning. While I'm sure it will take time before it is officially announced who is responsible, a group linked to the Al Qaeda network has claimed it carried out the attacks.

It is a shocking and deplorable act that has left the city in turmoil and presumably cost many lives.

We can only hope that as the days and weeks pass, our government responds in a calm and patient manner. I hope that they work together with other nations both to find those responsible, but more importantly to try to gain an understanding as to the causes of these and other attacks. And only then, to take action that can help to prevent future attacks, rather than make matters worse by rushing into a retaliatory stance.

My thoughts are with the families.

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