Wednesday, December 14, 2005

BSG: The Final Cut & Flight of the Phoenix

More rushed reviews of BSG eps.

The Final Cut
After the long story-arc previously, I found it refreshing to see a relatively standalone story. A journalist, who has been nothing but stinging in her reports on Galactica is invited on board by Adama to shoot a documentary about everyday life onboard the only surviving Battlestar.

The episode gives us a rare glimpse into the lives of the people on board Galactica. It's shot in a traditional docu-drama way and while some might find the plot a little 'cheesy', I found it a welcome relief from the usual depressing tone.

That's not to say there isn't any drama. What with Sharon being rushed from her purpose built cell with a near miscarriage; two cylon raiders attacking the fleet; oh and the small matter of one crewman wanting Tigh dead! The glowing final cut may feel like military propaganda, but it is explained away with a final twist about the journalist.

In summary, not a bad ep. It offers some much needed humour and gives us a chance to catch breath before the next onslaught from the Cylons.

The Final Cut: 7.5/10

Flight of the Phoenix
A common point made by fellow fans of Galactica is "are the makers keeping count of the many ships lost etc?". In a slight piss-take out of Star Trek Voyager*, this ep sees Tyrol turning his skills onto a project to create a new Viper out of spare parts. After several months of fighting losing battles, Galactica is now very low on fighter craft with no hope of a re-supply.

It's a morale boosting episode more than anything, that slowly sees everyones skepticism turn around. In war, people need to have something to believe in. Building a new fighter becomes that thing to believe in.

Meanwhile, a virus left over from a previous cylon attack begins putting the lives of Galacticas crew at risk. Adama again has to turn to the captive Cylon, Sharon in order to save the ship.

Another fun episode, which means that the depression must surely be due to return in the next ep. It is a strong performance from Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), whose obsession with building a new Viper captures the hearts and minds of everyone on board Galactica.

Flight of the Phoenix: 7.5/10

* On Voyager, no matter how many shuttles Chakotay crashed into planets, they always seemed to have a few spare!

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