Thursday, September 30, 2004

Accepting the inevitable

In July this year I felt better than I had for a while. I'd just been on holiday; Minnows Greece had shocked the footballing world and won the European Championships; Tony Blair looked set to resign at the Labour party conference in the Autumn; and George W Bush was dropping behind John Kerry in the race for puppet President.

It's amazing what 2 months, 4 hurricanes, 405 spineless Labour MPs, a bad start by Liverpool FC, and some bad press about John Kerry can do.

John Kerry today faces the start of the final battle. It's debate time. Kerry is reeling and it will take more than just a moral victory in the 3 question and answer sessions to convince the American people that removing Bush is a smart idea.

In the end, the problem runs deep within the Democratic party. They resemble the shambolic Labour party of the 1980's. Always 1 step behind the opposition, always slow to respond to spin, lies and public opinion. Kerry looked (albeit briefly) like the dream ticket. A war hero (with three purple hearts) who stood up for Vietnam vets when he realised that Nixon had betrayed them. All it took to destroy him, was an attack against his military service record. A man who based his entire election campaign on one thing should have expected the opposition to try and tear it apart. He didn't, they did and what was left was a bumbling idiot who doesn't know which way to turn.

Of course, I'm being a little unfair. It is still close. Kerry could still win, but with Florida seemingly in Bush's pocket, it's hard to imagine anything other than a Bush win in November. You have to admire the Republicans. They have waged a relentless war against the American people and it's paid off. Most of them don't have a clue what's going on and as a result will be happy to maintain the status quo. Better the devil you know, after all.

Shame that the American people don't realise how much of a devil Bush really is.

Shame that the Democratic people don't know how to organise a smear campaign in a dirty election.

Come November Bush may already be preparing for his next war. Watch out Syria and Iran. Dubyas comin to smoke you out.

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