Thursday, September 30, 2004

The power of nightmares.

From a friend.

Radiation bombs are a government fantasy

Last week’s BBC drama about a dirty bomb in London has helped keep
everyone terrified about terrorism.

But a forthcoming documentary shows that dirty bombs are actually a fantasy. The
Americans should know: the CIA tried for years to make one, before realising that blowing up radioactive material won't hurt anyone. Radioactive dust disperses so quickly you'd need to be exposed to it for about a year before any real damage occurred.

The documentary, The Power Of Nightmares, shows how politicians are using fake
stories like the dirty bomb to keep people scared, and themselves in power. It also demonstrates that the claim that Al-Qaeda is a global, hidden, terror network is also a myth.

So what channel is this BBC-debunking documentary showing on? Er, BBC2.

The Power Of Nightmares. BBC2, 20th October, 9pm.

propaganda is a powerful thing. Fear keeps people in line.

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