Sunday, September 19, 2004

Iran gets tough

I'm not exactly a fan of nuclear proliferation. It could be argued that the invention of the nuclear bomb was perhaps the worst moment in human history, however I find the continual bullying of smaller nations by the US-led UN over the issue appalling.

Iran, a nation that is slowly marching towards democracy (without the help of a US 'liberation'), has been told to suspend all uranium enrichment activities. Unsurprisingly, Iran has rejected the demand and even gone as far as to threaten non-compliance with the UNs right to make snap inspections of Nuclear sites.

Now, as much as I'd like to live in a world without nuclear weapons, I am a realist. A nation that holds nuclear weapons has a key advantage over one that doesn't. That doesn't just mean a military advantage, but a diplomatic one as well. Is it any wonder that the nations which control the UN are the 5 main nuclear powers? Now that Pakistan have nuclear weapons, there has been a concerted diplomatic effort on all side to be 'friends' with a nation that until recently was regarded in the same league as Iran and Libya.

Developing nuclear weapons guarantees a place at the negotiating table. A place that all nations deserve, but few get the chance of.

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