Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Still going strong

Another bomb goes off in Baghdad, driving yet another nail into the coffin that is, a liberated Iraq.

47 dead, 117 injured. This a day after US gunships killed 13 after firing into an unarmed crowd.

That the men and women who ordered this phony war are still in power staggers me. In a democratic society our leaders are not above the law. Nixon was ousted for what was essentially nothing more than a cover up into a break in. Clinton faced impeachment because the world cared more about the exact meaning of the term 'sexual relations' than the actual policies of his government.

However, when we look at Bush we see a man looking ahead to four more years. This is a man who has promised to 'finish the job' in the middle east, should he get re-elected. What does finish the job mean? Take out Iran? Syria? North Korea?

And what of his greatest ally? The immovable Tony Blair. Today we are treated to the flurry of front page stories about how he nearly quit because of 'family problems'. How any man, especially one who claims to be a believer in social justice can fail to be moved by the daily reports of massacres in Iraq disturbs me greatly.

Of course, I'm being slightly unfair. For all the criticism of Tony Blair, no one has actually pressured him to quit. He may be considered a lost cause by the voters, a joke amongst world leaders and a liability by many in his own party, but if no one pushes him why should he go? Our democracy is failing us. We turn to our leaders, in particular the 400+ Labour MPs who can force Tony Blair out.

Our Prime Minister may have failed us, but it's the rest of the Labour party who are to blame for him still being in power.

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